IMG_0434“They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when I look at one of jimmy’s pictures even that does not quite cover it. I have known him for sixty years and am still amazed with what he does with a paint brush.”

Bill Folwell,
local resident​


“Jim Christy completed a portrait of my girlfriend Jan and I. I can only say it is difficult to tell the difference between the photo from which it was painted and the actual portrait. We could not be happier. If you wish to have the very best, be it a portrait, landscape, pet or whatever else you can think of, you will not find a better artist than Jim Christy.”​

Jan Dupper and John Gaunt,
Clearwater, Florida


“Jim Christy is an extraordinary human being and a gifted artist. I am honored to say he is my friend…”​

Carole Hayes,
Pinellas County Educator, Ret.