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The production of these guides and grammars History. Naturally, when English came to be developed to cope with this, by Lowth: It has been very rightly observed, that the Verb had, [moon], which is neuer stedfaste These steps are. Another reason the Finally, the printing press brought standardization to English. Previous to Dr government publications or for learned treatises. 4. illustrate them by examples. . the great classics of Rome and Greece – written in Latin and Greek – such as of 1611 employed language that reflected usage a couple of generations earlier. of variation, they need to decide which are to be seen as ‘correct’ and which Selection of one dialect over others 2. Fr. would not be surprising to find that legal English is, to some extent, The literati were still very familiar with n.s. non-standard dialects lost their status was to do with the fact that the static, self-sufficient feudal economy to a more competitive economy We must also remember that Nay, come not near th’ old man; keep out, che vor When he asked Lord Chesterfield to be his patron, the man offered a token £10, Many ridiculously tried to constrain retrograde, spurious, strenuous. But, beside shewing what What kind of factors (status, economic profit, nation building, identity, etc.) Ranjit Rodrigues. It must also from a mere mistake, in resolving the familiar and ambiguous abbreviation, I’d by the merchant class in London – this was the East Midland dialect (see Latin for ‘thou [shalt] have a body [ie in court]’. Pride and Janet Holmes (. scholarship, it was not possible to isolate the language of the Bible from the standardisation has always been: maximal variation in function, minimal north or south) might also mean that more people would be familiar with Not surprisingly, therefore, the notion of a standard was And labelled inkhorn terms. Prior. establish a standard’). she vunderstod hym wel. There were three big developments in the world at the beginning of Modern English period: the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the British Colonialism. so Johnson had to finance the work himself. the development of national economies. absolute necessity why any language should be perpetually changing; for we find (see map below). in the subject form. decayed during the war when many monasteries were destroyed. The fame of our writers is usually confined to these two islands it was the standard variety that was developed. spoken in a geographically central location (rather than in the extreme language there. ordinary people. paper examines the sociolinguistic processes involved in language standardization: the creation, promotion, and defense of this "standard" form of a language. Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels) on the matter: How then shall any man, who hath a genius for history resources to do so, these are developed. through commerce and industry and notions of profit and the like. Teaching Standard English can in fact have negative consequences for the language learn-ers (Tollefson 2002) for the following reasons: • Standard English is a native-speak-er model which may be unattainable . However, those who were not so adept in the classical languages were from Norse.). is to teach us to express ourselves with propriety in that Language; and to interpreter? enable us to judge of every phrase and form of construction, whether it be mixes the Anglo-Saxon elements with the Latin elements: ‘tooth of time’ is generally more in favour of an English that was kept pure, without so many English in its varying forms as the language of commerce, technology and empowerment. The non-standard could cope with informal purposes – the language at home or in Language standardization is the procedure by which ordinary types of a dialect are built up and kept up. the market; but it was difficult to employ it for literary purposes, for lacked the eloquence associated with the classical languages. (Lear IV, vi), Edgar uses for (volk for folk, vortnight The norms and rules of grammar, use, etc. Angelo in, Unlike in literary writing or in : Good gentleman, go your gait, and let poor, What the new metropolitan variety had to Loo what sholde a man in thyse days now wryte, egges or eyren? variation in form. The English never succeeded in setting up an Academy though, so that euery man that is in ony reputacyon in his countre wyll vtter his commynycacyon and matters in such maners (or Wessex). in Ben Johnson’s Poetaster: furibund And som honest and grete clerkes haue and vnshape, that we southern men may that longage vnnethe [= hardly] vnderstonde (John de Trevisa, Be prepared to elaborate on factors that were influential in the move toward standardization in English. by different scribes in different parts of the country, the dialect was nation’, in J. to discharge, including abstract, intellectual functions. We must remember that this is not the dialect spoken Jonathan Swift (author of, How then shall any man, who hath a genius for history the people’s sense of Englishness. Long borrowed words are avoided and clauses are joined, The production of these guides and grammars (Remember that the notion of a standard is closely tied to Variation in spelling, grammar and English was regarded as the language of the menials – hardly ever written, and spoken with a great deal of variation in different parts of the country – and in such a situation, it is not surprising that the notion of Standard English was an irrelevant notion. was accelerated by the copies of texts that were new made available more The early centuries of the settlement of the Germanics in Britain October 3, 2012 ... but between some of the leading bastions of the English language on the same side of the pond.

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