marlin endstop status

I did an experiment and I changed the X/Y wiring on the board but left the pin assignments the same on the ramps pins. Per the Azteeg X3 Pro pin definitions here, the X-min is pin 2 and max is pin 3, the opposite of RAMPS and as defined in Marlin. Steps to Reproduce. Solution found… it seems to be my fault. Some features have been added by: Lampmaker, Bradley Feldman, and others...Features: 1. I moved the axis manually by pressing something like -10Y and not by pressing home. I'm trying to setup my new Azteeg X3 Pro, printer was previously working well on RAMPS 1.4. @dvseliteus On most controllers the controller button triggers once, then we have a delay and some logic to "debounce" the button, so it won't trigger again right away. However, when I send G28 X Y the MPCNC continues trying to move in the negative X direction even after hitting the stop? and just switch the 3 & 2 pins and rewire the endstop on the board. I’m using the T8_T16_LCD_DualEndstop Version of Marlin, just made one edit: changed the board to Rumba. @thinkyhead that last pastebin was of 1.1.0-RC7 version. Why would the Y-Axis work fine at all the speeds but not the X-Axis? It just happens much slower now, but is the same exact problem. Does your board have stepper drivers that you can move to other slots, or are they soldered onto the board? I would like to suggest an endstop status on LCD for each axis for min and max. The motors were not stopping when the endstop was hit, because it was moving the wrong motors. I can't seem to replicate the problem on any other axis no mater what i try. When the endstop is inverted, it completely ignores it, whether it is triggered or not. You could try disabling ENDSTOPPULLUPS and see if that makes any difference. Keep trying things to isolate whether it's the plug, the switch, or something else. Has anyone got any suggestions? and I'm not able to upload to the board. @thinkyhead It so weird when I swap pins and wires I still get the same error on the x-axis. When I disconnect the endstop from the board pins and press the home X command the carriage moves with no problems. Hope you guys can help me a little because my printer is broken right now. Expected behavior: Axis home. al., today Marlin drives most of the world's 3D printers. Searched through the config files but I don’t get it. The only downside is I will now have to convert all of the connectors from male jumper to female dupont. Using M119 command First make sure no endstops are triggered. The function can detect all types of Endstop that Marlin can be configured. I've downloaded the release version of Marlin, updated feedrates, endstop inversion, etc. still no change oddly enough. Actually you can use any free pin and just make sure its pulled up in firmware. @Ryan which part should be edited? The PDF shows X MIN ENDSTOP as Pin 2 and X MAX ENDSTOP as Pin 3. @thinkyhead hope your weekend was well. Thanks Bill, I did verify that it is the x_min and y_min. Actual behavior: Axis don't move, X/Y endstops are triggered. load or back up SPI Flash and SD. With this option, the XY axes are homed first, then the carriage moves to a position –usually the middle of the bed– … Marlin firmware (version 1.1.0 and later) provides an option called Z_SAFE_HOMING for printers that use a Z probe to home Z instead of an endstop. Grbl's lead developer is Simen Svale Skogsrud. Using M119 command First make sure no endstops are triggered. Here you can see this judder: Now my Z-Probe does not trigger the bed to stop? So the only thing common over all these tests is the stepper motor itself. Such an event can be when we drive an axis to its physical limit and the signal provided by the driver can be detected just like an endstop. For a similar machine i have, If you have EEROM activated be sure to andrew January 23, 2019 January 23, ... Marlin 3D Printer Firmware running on Arduino Mega with RAMPS 1.4 shield. Indeed. Actually you can use any free pin and just make sure its pulled up in firmware.". I just can't seem to wrap my head around this. (Modification is the activation of dual Z setup with dual endstop pins connection to … @thinkyhead However still no change when pressing endstop. Say if you will be using the Xmax as your Xmin endstop you can use D2 instead of D3 which is what the Xmin uses. A software endstop tells the machine that it should not attempt to travel beyond a limit defined in software. Expected behavior: Axis home. X min to Xmax and Xmax to Xmin. Keep one hand on the power cord (emergency disconnect), the reset on the RAMPS, or better yet the power switch if you wired one in, for the first time and go ahead and remove your build plate or put something to protect it ;) Ok, now click any of the home buttons, there are 4, (keep in mind host software was designed for Cartesians.For delta all axis must home at the same time). I don’t own or sell the board so I can not make the edits for you, sorry. I have the same problem. Jumpers on the SKR are closed any I ensured that there is an electrical connection between the DIAG pin and the endstop. It makes it much easier to do this if all endstops has the same status. @thinkyhead @Blue-Marlin Can you recommend the best board and LCD for this printer and Marlin Firmware? Tim, i had this issue. I’d like to build a touch plate, but I’m unclear on how to set the z-offset so that the machine can identify the thickness of the plate itself. For the sake of precision, this now has been exposed as a user setting in Configuration.h and deactivated by default. The function M119 uses and interprets the response. For those of you, like me, who are into 3D printing, here is a quick, and VERY helpful set of marlin gcodes for your Marlin firmware. You signed in with another tab or window. Interrupt based movement with … When the X-endstop is not inverted, homing only makes the axis progress a bit, similar to what @emartinez167 ran into with Issue #1725. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your and @Blue-Marlin s help. Thanks for reading, and for any feedback you can provide! Endstops are reported as either “open” or “TRIGGERED”. I have learned a lot and really like the Marlin Firmware over the other ones out there. What you can do is to use the MAX endstop pins for the X endstop by defining the X endstop using the pin of the MAX endstop. Can someone please dumb it down for me? Anyway, to swap the X endstop pins for your board in 1.0.2-1 all you need to do is change lines 599-600 in pins.h: Thanks again @thinkyhead I have 1.1.0-RC7 all setup but I am getting a strange "Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560." Or, try a ferrite bead on the wires. connect up motor to each XYZ and verify movement commands work. On a positive note, it seems that sending a non-movement command, such as M119 also “jumpstarts” the MPCNC so that I can start moving it without affecting the Z axis starting position. @thinkyhead ok now this is interesting. Jumpers on the SKR are closed any I ensured that there is an electrical connection between the DIAG pin and the endstop. I can't think of any reason, outside of having improper settings, that only one axis would act this way. Enabling SPEAKER yielded the same issue with the menu button. // That way you can use the driver itself as an axis sensor negating the need to an additional endstop … ... sdcard HAS_SPI_FLASH SDSUPPORT MARLIN_DEV_MODE M993-M994 - SD / SPI Flash. Of all the things I thought would get me stumped I can;t believe it's something like this! Find L6474 drive level (KVAL_HOLD) threshold. Report endstop and probe states to the host. Possibly the current method isn't reliable for your Viki. As a note, it's a custom printer, but works as a standard Cartesian. If the endstop switches read in reverse, then the remedy depends on the type of endstop sensor: If the sensor is a 2-wire microswitch, we recommend that you use the normally-closed contacts, which are the two outermost tags on the switch (leave the centre tag not connected). Start by sending M119 to the printer to check endstop status. // Specify here all the endstop connectors that are connected to any endstop or probe. M200: Set filament diameter: M201: Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for print moves (M201 X1000 Y1000) M202: Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for travel moves (M202 X1000 Y1000) Unused in Marlin!! Marlin Firmware Open Source 3D Printer Driver. Procedure The status of the end switches can be checked using the command M119. Have a great weekend! even tried reversing endstop its just keeps saying the same thing. The X-Axis appears to be working correctly. privacy statement. How does the output from M119 look? Thanks @Blue-Marlin I will try this on Monday and let you know. Most recent Marlin 2.x bugfix G28 XY. Symptoms CNC machine reports incorrect end stop trigger. Already on GitHub? Reliable and precise, Marlin delivers outstanding print quality while keeping you in full control of the process. I have entered the pin numbners under the #67 pins and I am still having the same issue. Tag Archives: marlin Reporting endstop status. Use this command to get the current state of all endstops, useful for setup and troubleshooting. I use simplify3d and when I hit the home button it triggers X to zero out even though it has not hit the switch? Controlled via Pronterface. Everything about the endstops is already available and marlin recognizes the right state of the endstops (triggered and open). So you might want to move that stepper motor to your Z axis, or just throw it in the trash. @thinkyhead the stepper drivers have been tuned and I also tried swapping the drivers, then swapping pins from x/y axis motors, then switching motors and finally quitting. It will help you when you have to diagnose the errors on-screen, and it will help you even more, if you use the command sets through octoprint. ", Now here is where I get confused. I’d like to figure out what’s going on with my endstops though. Have you tried other endstop switches, or plugging into a different endstop plug (e.g., X_MAX) and swapping the pin definitions? As a note, it's a custom printer, but works as a standard Cartesian. Command M119 First make sure no endstops are triggered. Steps to Reproduce. The issue I'm running into is that it has weird X-endstop behavior. I'm trying to setup my new Azteeg X3 Pro, printer was previously working well on RAMPS 1.4. When I send an M119 (endstop status code) I recieve: Send: M119 Recv: Reporting endstop status Recv: x_min: open Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED Recv: z_min: TRIGGERED And then when I press down the X endstop with my hand I get: Send: M119 Recv: Reporting endstop status Recv: x_min: open Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED Recv: z_min: TRIGGERED -No change.

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