population of kerala 2018

As per the Census 2001 data, Hindus, who constitute 56.20 per cent of the total population, is the most prominent religious community in the state. Of the total population of Kerala, working population (main and marginal workers) constitute 32.3% and non-workers form 67.7%. Total. Number. The Nipah outbreak in May and the floods in August affected arrivals. Check the Kerala MP name, total area with map. 14.1. Kerala has seen a lakh people above … Malayalam is Kerala's official language and is spoken by at least 96% of the people of Kerala; the next most common language is Tamil, spoken mainly by Tamil workers from Tamil Nadu and the local Kerala Iyers. KERALA TOURISM STATISTICS 2018 10 11 KERALA TOURISM STATISTICS 2018 CHAPTER 1 KERALA AT A GLANCE 14-18 1.1 Kerala at a Glance 15 1.2 Geographical Features 16 1.3 Area and Population of Kerala 17 1.4 Kerala Tourist Statistics 2018 – A Nutshell 18 CHAPTER 2 KERALA TOURISM 19-38 2.1 Kerala Tourism 20 The detail analysis of Population Census 2011 published by Govt. Rate. Details about the population of Kerala based on India Census 2011. 488174. The data further revealed that around 15% of the population of Kerala is above 80 years. 346501. The population growth rate recorded for this decade (2001-2011) was 52.30%. Rural population in Kerala is 1,59,32,171. In Kerala, 1,823,664 children (0-6) live in rural areas. Urban. Tulu and Kannada is spoken in most parts of the northern district of Kasaragod, adjoining Karnataka. The density of Kerala state in the current decade is 2227 per sq mile. 44.72. In the first quarter of calender year 2018, tourist arrivals to the state recorded a 12.3 per cent growth of foreign visitors and a 20 per cent rise of domestic tourists. Kerala, with a population of over 3.3 crore, is globally recognised for its impressive achievements in human development. Kerala is home to 2.76% of India's population, and at 859 persons per km²; its land is three times as densely settled as the rest of India. In rural regions of Kerala state, female sex ratio per 1000 males was 1078 while same for the child (0-6 age) was 965 girls per 1000 boys. of India for Kerala state reveal that population of Kerala has increased by 4.91% in this decade compared (2001-2011) to past decade (1991-2001). Demographic rates in Kerala based on Civil Registration System 2018 Kerala Rural. In 2015–16, Kerala was among the ... 29.09.2018 433 Source: Kerala State Disaster Management Authority . Flooded streets and shops in Kerala, August 2018 (© Praveenp, Wikimedia Commons) Last month, the south Indian state of Kerala experienced record level rainfall. Births. 141673. A huge 310mm of rainfall in just 24 hours, resulted in devastating flooding, causing significant damage to infrastructure, agricultural systems and human life. Deaths “The number of tourists who visited Kerala in 2018 touched almost half the state’s population. Within India, Kerala ranks first among Indian states on the Human Development Index (HDI). Find the list of districts in Kerala including total villages, population, literacy rate and pin code as on 2018. 5.27. “Currently, 48 lakh people (projected figures of the population in 2018) of Kerala are 60 years of age and above; 15% of them are past 80 years, the fastest-growing group among the old.” The review has some more bad news for the Malayalis. A study has found that since 1981 Kerala has been adding 10 lakh elderly people to its population every year. Total population of rural areas of Kerala state was 17,471,135. Kerala (/ ˈ k ɛ r ə l ə / ()) is a state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India.It was formed on 1 November 1956, following the passage of the States Reorganisation Act, by combining Malayalam-speaking regions of the erstwhile states of Travancore-Cochin and Madras.Spread over 38,863 km 2 (15,005 sq mi), Kerala is the twenty-first largest Indian state by area.

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